Conquer Fear & Uncertainty, and Build a Meaningful Life – with CC Chapman

conquer fear uncertainty meaningful life cc chapman

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Meet the nicest guy on the internet – CC Chapman. He is the author of two best sellers: Content Rules and Amazing Things Will Happen. He is also a blogger, podcaster, photographer, father of two, and a humanitarian.

In this interview, we chat about how he got to be a writer, what it took to become a best-selling author, what it means to pursue your calling, how to deal with fear and uncertainty, and how to build a meaningful life.

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How To Share Your Work (Art) & Make a Difference


Do you want to make a difference, but just aren’t sure how to go about it, or how to get started?

Amber Hahto and Robert Trozzo share their journey of starting a passion project that helps raise funds for ovarian cancer research. What started as a fun exploration into pottery, blossomed into a great little side project that allows Amber and Robert to tap into their respective talents and make a difference with their art.

Show Notes

Cancer-Proof: The man who beat leukaemia with diet, exercise and stress reduction



When he was 28, Glen Sabin was diagnosed with stage IV chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and given 6 months to live. He decided to take control of his life and created his own integrated wellness approach by working with integrative oncologists, nutritionists and researchers at the Harvard medical school.

Last time we spoke, he told me that in 2012, after a thorough checkup – including bone marrow – he was able to achieve a complete pathological remission. He’s made many other life changes – and in this interview he shares how you too can reduce your risk for cancer and other diseases and live a long and healthy life.

You can find Glen at

Startups, Ideas & Making Art – Len Kendall from Centup combines Content, Causes, Art and Micropayments


Serial entrepreneur, Len Kendall from Centup shares his story of starting up a company that aims to help content producers, as well as charities and social causes – enabling people like you and me to contribute without much effort.

Len talks about how he comes up with business ideas, his successful and unsucssful startups, as well as different passion projects he built and startups he founded, using elements from art to lean startup philosophy to do meaningful work.